The pink coffee arrived to please the girls girlys

If you are one of those girls who like coffee and who like the feminine and girly style, then you should try the pink coffee. If you want to live an experience with your friends or alone at home, what better than sharing a coffee, the drink you like so much, but pink. In addition to delicious is completely natural so it will become your new obsession.

Many girls have already tasted it and shared their social networks with their opinion, and all have made it clear that it is the drink of the moment. And although you do not believe it, besides its fun color, it is super nutritious.

What is the pink latte or pink coffee

The secret ingredient of rose coffee is beet, which contains very valuable nutrients such as iron and vitamins B8, A and C; In addition to having diuretic properties and helps regulate blood pressure and improves circulation. The intense red color of this vegetable will give that touch of color to your coffee.

Its high content of antioxidants helps in muscle recovery after exercising. It also combats inflammations and will improve your performance. All this without counting the benefits of coffee for your health .

Start the day with energy

Consuming the pink coffee in the morning will give you those energies necessary to face the day, and with the milk will provide calcium, protein, phosphorus, and the necessary vitamins, as well as iron, copper and magnesium.

How to make pink coffee

You only need milk, beetroot powder and a touch of coffee. Or naturally, putting a beet to cook, beat it with milk, add a touch of coffee and cinnamon. Beet has a high sugar content, so it is not necessary to add artificial sweeteners.