The most elegant nail designs of 2018

We bring you the most elegant nail designs of the year. What was in trend and still continue in the top . We take care of our hands and decorate them with bracelets and watches . But nails are our pampered when we want to have beautiful and elegant hands. For this reason, we bring you the designs for your most elegant 2018 nails that will surely remain in style for the coming year.


The trend that is setting the fashion in the designs for nails this year, are the geometrical figures and stripes, or combining both styles. You can use a natural base or nude color and give the touch of glamor with fine stripes or figures such as triangles or rectangles. Or the base of the color that you like the most that will depend on the occasion. You can even use two-color bases to create the best of the designs.


The nude is simple and natural, but gives an elegant and sensual result. You can use it daily to show off beautiful hands every day.



The French style is never out of style and now what is in trend is to paint the thin line of the color you prefer. This look is elegant and simple. So use it!



All colors are beautiful, it just needs to be matte. Anyone is ideal to show off your elegant nails. Do not make a lot of contrast between the colors, so you do not lose the elegance you're sure you're looking for.



An elegant bicolor you achieve with the tones that you like and there are several designs that you can apply. These are getting more discreet and refined nowadays.


Pastel shades were also a trend this year, and they are still very high. You will give an elegant, sweet and feminine image. Superfashion!.



Dark tones always look good for any skin color and are, by excellence, very elegant. They are a very good option, since it favors us all.



Even in enamels there are classic ones, like red, black and French in white. Any one will look beautiful and the nails look perfect. You can not miss these tones in your dressing table .


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