Technological Kitchen by Zaha Hadid


Z-Island Is one more example of how the technological objects Can look great in a house and provide functionality, which is one of the things we are currently looking for with the pace of life we ​​all have.

Created by Zaha Hadid with Ernestomeda , It is a Kitchen island with the last technology , With smooth surface completely and add them that make it very special.

The section dedicated to cooking has fires and hotplate, with automatic messages in Led. On the other hand the one that is used to wash account with sink, zone to dry and dishwasher integrated.

Also it has a luminous projector, LCD screen And a Mp3 player, plus two USB ports and a CD or DVD player.

In the center we will see the plate of induction, a zone to prepare the food and three diffusers of aromas, that emit great Fragrances for the kitchen .

Of course the island has its peers on the wall. The cabinets have molded doors with undulating shapes. The panels have acoustic system and LEDs that make each one a source of sound, music and lights.

But none of this would be 100% current without a Touch panel . With it we can surf the Internet while we wait for the food to be ready, watch a movie or listen to music. All this is handled from the panel for convenience.

Would you like to have it?