Stencil [Paint Finishes]

A couple of weeks ago I commented on another type of Paint finish: the glaze . And each of these endings have a very particular style that requires to think in advance if it is convenient or not to apply it, and if the final result will be the one desired.

Stencil is a very different technique, since it is a kind of stencil applied on the wall, so the final result will contain drawings and highlights that if or if they should be nice unless we want to get the opposite result. For example: to decorate the walls of a business of selling youth clothing, the reasons may vary as well as the neatness of its application.

Mirror with wide frame and stencil applied on it. " width="570" height="427" source=""]

The stencil is a plate with a design Here is a tutorial of Cartoon With everything they need to know to make their own drawings, it is repeated at the pleasure of those who apply it, you can perform prominent guards and methodology is always according to what we want as a final result, if we want a flat and heavy drawing we will use a brush, And instead, if what we want is a more volatile design, we will use sponge.

There are infinite variations to apply this technique, as always, everything is at the discretion of our taste and imagination. Finally, I give them the link to Stencil1 , A place to buy the templates, although knowing them to do we will save some good pesos.