Staircase with shelving Object Élevé

Not long ago we knew one Kitchen with industrial touches Created by the studio Meike Meijer . At that time I told them that the designer became known for providing attractive furniture, minimalist in many cases and modern but always provided functionality. Your goal is not just to decorate, but to solve a problem. The first project of this year published in its portfolio is Object Élevé, a staircase with shelf and desk that is created in order not only to maximize Small spaces But to add an original object to their homes.

Staircase with shelving Object Élevé

In the same element we will have space to store objects, Shelves , A small table and of course, the staircase in question.

It was developed combining wood in light tones with bras in black metal and as you can see in the more detailed images has a finish thought to hold with the force that corresponds.

The study is not in our country and has no presence in it so we can not acquire this great design , Although it can serve as inspiration when we find an environment with little space.

Project of Meike Meijer .