Smart kitchens with Vestel

Begum Tomruk tries with his Concepts To approach the technology . He achieves it. One walks through his gallery and works with each of his products.

"Vestel Assist"is responsible for creating do you cook Smart With a group of objects that communicate with each other.

Smart kitchens

What does it include? Sliding modules, remote control, custom electrical appliances and a panel (the star of the prototype) from which we will handle everything. This can be integrated into the counter, it is tactile and allows, among other things, to read news, see TV via Internet, know recipes and configure the rest of the elements. Also included are speakers for maximum enjoyment of your multimedia and a panel for the refrigerator that will provide us with information about the food and the temperature of it.

At the moment it was only in one concept, however, it gives us little to give us an idea of ​​how much technology slowly invades our homes.

Vestel Assist