Scandinavian style loft

Every time is more used in homes that like the Nordic and the use of very light tones wearing spaces with simple and functional furniture. At the time we knew examples of Home office And today is the turn of a great Scandinavian style loft that joins the most eclectic to give life to a house with great potential.

Scandinavian Style Loft

Not being 100% Nordic it becomes perfect for those who want this influence but without being too marked. While the main color is white, the black beams generate a great contrast dividing the space that, by the way, was used to the maximum.

Another point worth mentioning is the decor More subtle. The decorative objects that we will see in each corner were located strategically and the result is not only informal, fun and warm but it draws attention non stop in each of the images.

It is located in Oslo, Norway and if you pay attention you will also see that although the balcony is small, we will discover an excellent source of inspiration to take advantage of it and that it becomes a sector of relaxation.

Scandinavian Style Loft

Nata Shatalova