Remodeling a Modern House by Klopf

The family that was presented in the study architecture Klopf Made it clear that they were waiting for the remodeling of a modern house in which they wanted to live forever and what they were looking for were open spaces and contemporary style.

Remodeling a Modern Home

The result is well achieved, with both points present absolutely. Although they had a construction, it was modified, throwing walls, modifying the shape of the kitchen and adding windows strategically so that the illumination Circulate continuously.

The furniture played an important role and was selected next to the mother of the family, placing pieces largely in mid-century vintage style, combined with modern art and original decorative pieces.

After much work and ideas, the house was completed this year, being one of the most important projects in the first half of 2014 for this study.

Remodeling a Modern Home

Project of Klopf .