Piercing in the hair: Bring life to your braids with this fashion

It is universally true: Braids are in trend!. And the latest fashion, braids pierced with piercings (Piercing in the hair). If you've been looking to give your braids a little more life, use hoops inside the hair. Take a closer look at this trend.

# 1 Warrior type hairstyle with lateral piercings

# 2 Three lines of rings for a super chic look

# 3 Hoops in the middle and high tail

# 4 Give this hairstyle with braids this special touch

# 5 Argollas in different shapes and styles

# 6 They will make you look youthful and with a unique style

# 7 A super coquettish look

# 8 The boxer braids with piercing to highlight your hairstyle even more

# 9 You'll look sensual and awesome wherever you go

# 10 Piercing in the hair with charms to decorate your French tranza

# 11 You can even use them to go to a formal party

# 12 A touch of glamor for a 10/10 look

# 13 The most daring people wear them with their colorful hair

# 14 Hoops and Glitter

# 15 With few rings you can create an impact look

# 16 For the summer these hairstyles are ideal

# 17 If you want to highlight even more, add small flowers

# 18 With your hair collected you can also use them

# 19 A more rock style

# 20 Rings in sequence in silver color

Hairstyles with Hair Rings (Step by Step)