Photos of places abandoned by Christopher Payne

Between the well-known Bronx neighborhood and Riker's Island is North Brother Island. If we talk about photos of abandoned places the series taken by the camera of Christopher Payne is among the most attractive and original that we will see.

Photos of abandoned places

North Brother Island had its best time during the nineteenth century and the building was used mostly as a quarantine hospital for the large number of infectious diseases of those years. After the war he also housed wounded veterans and later, during his last years, it was a rehabilitation center for young addicts. Finally, in 1963 it closed its doors but it was never knocked down by anything that was not the time.

The artist works since 2008 with permission from the authorities to capture this space with a group of colleagues and that gave birth to his series on this area. That is why we will notice that in the gallery (and in its entire site) the images cover several climatic times to capture it to the maximum and in the best way. Today, on the verge of launching his book with images, allows us in his portfolio to enjoy a selection.

Photos of places abandoned by Christopher Payne

Project of Christopher Payne .