Party Makeup • Youth Night • Step by Step

If you like parties or you are about to go to a special event in which you want to look super pretty, then this makeup for a party you will love. At night you can shine a little more makeup so you can dare to use glitter , a delineated a little more intense and that the lips are the protagonists of the night.

Surely you know which outfit to put on party, you just have to follow this step by step how to make up for that special night out. Look at these makeup tips, which never hurt, so you look much prettier.

Moisten the face

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The creams moisturizers are very important to prepare the skin before makeup

Use a pre-makeup cream

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Use a pre-base or first to eliminate excess oil and prolong the flawless finish of the makeup .

Apply concealer

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Choose a concealer that is as similar as possible to the tone of your skin and covers imperfections, dark circles or pimples.

Apply base in red zones

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You must choose a color for the base that is closest to your skin. Apply little by little until you achieve a natural appearance. Blot with a sponge all over your face. If you want you can follow these tips so that the base last all night .

Make up your eyes

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It uses three shades of shadow; dark, medium tone and soft. Let it be a single color but different shades. Apply the dark tone on the upper eyelid and use the medium to enhance the dark color and blur. The softest tone apply it below the lower lashes.

Apply eyeliner on eyes

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Outline the top and bottom of your eyes, with make up two thirds will be enough. You can make some pretty cat eyes or smoky eyes .

Use mascara

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With two layers of mask it will be enough to avoid lumps. Use black mask if you have dark hair, and brown or brown mask if the hair is clear. Apply it on the upper and lower lashes. You can follow these tips for longer and voluminous lashes.

Apply blush on the cheeks

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Apply the blush in a circular way little by little and make sure to blend it well so you do not notice much. If you want you can see the important rules for the application of blush .

Line the lips

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For more voluminous lips delineates around your lips. Use lipstick that is similar to the lipstick you chose for that night out. Guide yourself by your own lips but without spending too much.

Choose a lipstick

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Apply the lipstick for the final touch and then join the lips to mix the color. Apply a little shine with glitter or flashy lips, play with textures and tones. We recommend these secrets to make up your perfect lips .

Final Tips

Make up with this step by step and start with little makeup and if you want add a little more but remember not to exaggerate. You will look very cute!

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