Origami House by TSC Architects

Those who follow closely the Oriental style No doubt they would be happy living in an origami house like the one we will know today. I include myself completely, lover since I have memory of Asia in general, marveling at his art and culture.

Origami House by TSC Architects

But before we learn it we learn more about this traditional Japanese art in case they do not know what I am talking about. The origami [り 紙 紙] the art of folding paper. It began centuries ago and is usually more complicated than one imagines, reaching to achieve with a small piece of paper incredible results.

Inspired by this and for a couple of clients who wanted their new home, the studio TSC Architects design The small and beautiful dwelling that we see in the images, using to form its ceiling these geometric forms so particular.

From the interior you can see the typical oriental style but with contemporary touches. The wood is protagonist in different tones depending on the environments, accompanying with ample windows and walls of white or cream color.

The part of the living room joins the dining room and the open kitchen, separating the latter with a bar and in different shades of lining to mark the spaces.

The stairs , Lastly, lead to private areas as well as spaces to store elements and keep the organization so present in Asia.

Origami house

Project of TSC Architects .