Office tables: Actiu models

Years ago when one thought of an office associated it with Business Possibly located in some tower of the city. Today that changed and although obviously still included are also the smallest and the home. The Tables Office and full furniture also adapted to this.

Office tables

We saw it countless times Desks And furniture for our Home office But today we will go to the bigger spaces knowing some of the models of Actiu, a company located in Spain (that works in that country, as far as I can see there are no shipments to other countries). Recognized not only by the design Of their furniture but because they make sure that they are functional for the worker.

This point is paramount when we talk about desks. Let's go to the smallest example of all, the one we use for a home office. If we only work on a table in many cases we will organize better if we change the same by a desk with drawers and different similar elements. The functionality makes one work better and in the cases we will see below this was perfectly captured.

Office tables: Actiu models

Actiu [Spain]