Nursery decoration: Blue house

The smallest room is undoubtedly the most planned. When we talk about decor Nurseries or environments of this type we must think of innumerable points ranging from safety to the interaction of the child with his environment to motivate him from the first moment. On the other hand should be added comfort for parents who will spend long evenings there taking care of it.

Nursery decoration

Everyone wants to create something original and today we will know an option that adds that to the functional. Do not forget that there must be ample space to store and elements that allow the order in a simple way. As seen in the pictures the star of the room is the blue house that also plays shelf, changer and accommodation of clothing or necessary objects.

In this case, of course, it was made to measure and has a space against the wall to locate the cradle in addition to having taken into account that it can then be replaced by a bed. The roofs of the house were designed in such a way that when we lift each section we find space for organization, just like the small windows.

The changer is folding to save space if it is not necessary and of course, adds a comfortable armchair for mom or dad. Beautiful idea of ​​Daniela Moreno Fabianesi that will undoubtedly inspire more than one.

Nursery decoration: Blue house

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