Modern desks: Oxymoron by Anna Lotova

Let's work at home or in a more traditional environment like offices, the star of space is the desk. Generally it is possible to be seen by these times that the style more used is the modern one. Trying to unite both foundations and based on the importance of working in an environment that one enjoys, the designer Anna Lotova Created Oxymoron, one of the Desks Modern but attractive of recent times.

Modern desks

As seen in the photo, it is formed with two layers and a material padded in the middle. The function of this material is that we keep or accommodate the elements we need while we work.

In the examples we see headphones, lamps , Books, notes, pencils. The idea is great not to lose anything and keep the items always on hand when they are needed.

The furniture itself includes with the sale an additional table to"hook"and lengthen the workspace, in addition to the lamp in question. It is not to be clarified that at the moment it can not be acquired in our country.

Project of Anna Lotova .