Microsoft cybercrime workshops

It is always curious if we talk about decor Of offices how they look most famous Business . Curiosity, interest in entering spaces that we idealize instantly without wanting it. The particularity of today is that it generates a mystery around it and in fact we can rarely know it from the inside as we do today. The cybercrime offices of Microsoft Are the most attractive because taking out everything they do in them... seem to come out of a movie or a series of research that we can find on TV on a Tuesday night.

Office Decoration: Microsoft Cybercrime

Think of one of the many series with different cases and their scenarios. If you look at the gallery you will see that it really is a similar construction, with low lights, illumination Focused panels on all sides and screens that control what happens.

Located in Washington, they were decorated by the Olson Kundig studio, who said they had a great responsibility to deal with the spaces where cyber crimes are being investigated in real time. The result as we can see is perfect for this and undoubtedly its employees are more than comfortable in the spacious work rooms with the last technology .

Microsoft cybercrime workshops

Project of Olson Kundig .
Office Snapshots .