Lucasfilm offices with sandcrawler shape

The study Aedas Was in charge of creating the new offices of Lucasfilm in the form of sandcrawler, a characteristic symbol in the most successful saga of that company, Star Wars . For those who do not know, the sandcrawler is a great vehicle that can be found in Tatooine. Film that has fans around the world and surely will always have, is the inspiring base of this new office complex that has as a main idea the interaction between its employees.

Lucasfilm Offices

Located in Singapore the building is shaped like a horseshoe if seen from above and is mostly covered with windows to achieve connection with the environment and a sense of open space for those inside.

As I said, the union is sought among its employees and for it were included different areas of entertainment among which centered the central cinema decorated to the best science fiction style, motif that is also seen in many of its corridors, stairs Y rooms Of meeting.

Lucasfilm Offices

Project of Aedas .