Lotus Building in Wujin, China

If one day you are lucky enough to stroll through China, you may find yourself with Lotus Building in Wujin, one of the most recent architectural creations that is surprising everyone with its appeal.

Created by Studio505 Is located in the heart of Wujin, surrounded by a huge park that will also function as cultural space. Within the giant flower are areas of recreation, rooms Conference and artistic exhibitions.

Lotus Building in Wujin

The decision to use the famous lotus flower as inspiration is that they wanted the construction to have a meaning for the inhabitants. Since its inauguration is expected to bring longevity and good omens to the country. Anywhere will be flashy but if something was missing to add attraction is that it is placed directly on a wide artificial lake, literally emerging from it.

Nighttime images are really fascinating thanks to their ingenious illumination Which function as a lining of this construction designed to consume the least amount of energy possible, taking advantage of natural daylight, ventilation and the same vast body of water underneath.

Lotus Building in Wujin, China

Project of Studio505 .