Le Part des Anges apartment block, created by BUPA Architecture

Located at Villenave-d'Ornon , This block of departments was created by BÜPA, a study that began its trajectory during 2010 in the hands of Frantz Bühler and Florent Pasquier. The agency is committed to combine creativity with new technologies and apply this in absolutely the entire process of creating each project.

Le Part des Anges apartment block

The area is really attractive and very classic in France. It is a small corner in Bordeaux that until 2008 had just over 28,000 inhabitants. As the number grew, construction began on site and Les Part des Anges is one of the largest developments so far.

The intention was to create a sculpture with colors that will constantly change. It is formed by 154 separate apartments in 5 blocks that surround a beautiful park, as well as offices and common areas.

Le Part des Anges apartment block

Each house has spacious Terraces Which allow access visually to the beautiful view, as well as comfortable environments.

Draft: BUPA