Kitchen with island: Vipp

All who enjoy cooking dream of a large kitchen with island. In this way the task is much more pleasant, comfortable and frees us from any type of concern related to spaces. With this in mind was created Vipp Kitchen, a wonder that while not available for sale in our country can serve as inspiration to create one's own.

Kitchen with island

The peculiarity in this case is that they are usually created from parts of this type of furniture, but in this case it was taken into account the complete set of furniture and accessories. Clearly this generates that the result is extremely harmonious and attractive.

We have an addition for wall, another high to save the necessary and the island with its furnace and obvious elements. Each of the modules is sold in different sizes, trying to reach as many customers as possible and offering versatility for different sizes of environments.

With industrial touches and steel base has already won several awards from design And you will undoubtedly continue along that path.