How to Make Degraded Wicks at Home (Step by Step)

Give the hair a degraded style ( ombré hair ) by itself is fabulous to have a new look. This style will give you a completely new look, unique and fashionable. This time we will focus on how to make some degraded wicks at home in the ombré style step by step.

1. Preparation

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The first thing to achieve the degraded wicks is to have knowledge about the products that are necessary to produce the best results for the procedure.


2. Use aluminum foil

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How are you going to whiten and paint your hair you should be careful to protect yourself from the harmful effects of bleach and dyeing. To achieve all this, it is recommended that you use sheets of aluminum foil in your hair to protect your skin.


3. Beat your hair

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Before applying the bleach it is necessary that you lightly coat your hair so that it is soft and manageable.


4. Careful bleaching

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To achieve the ombré style in the hair, bleaching is one of the most important steps. So you should know the amount and the period of time that the discoloration should be applied. Too much discoloration or too much time could leave the hair completely white.

5. Highlight and combine

If you want to add a touch of professional finishing to your hair then you should consider highlighting the hair with a pair of light or dark shadow stripes.

6. Gradual treatment

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If you have dark, thick or long hair, then it is highly recommended that you do it gradually. Doing everything at once, or in a hurry, would ruin the hair and the style you want will not make it. So divide the hair into different sections smaller and easier to make.


7. Selection of the fading line

Select the line from where you want the color separation to begin. It is very important to select the right point of separation, for the definition of your look. Once you have selected the point, start whitening your hair from there.

8. The whitening procedure

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To whiten the hair, choose the application tool and start applying the bleach evenly working vertically upwards from the tips to the line where you have chosen to start the fading.

Let the bleach sit on your covered hair and do your work (Remember not to leave it too long). After this rinse and then apply a sulfate-free shampoo and a good conditioner.

9. Dyeing your hair

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To give the hair an ombré style, you have to divide it into different sections. Painting it all at once will be a bit difficult and complicated. Dividing it into sections will help you to paint it evenly and more easily.

Prepare the dye and place it in the hair to do its magic and provide the look you've always wanted. After applying the dye, let it settle and enrich your hair completely.

Once you have spent the time you need your hair, rinse and wash the hair with an enriching conditioning.


10. Curling

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Once you have followed all the steps indicated above you have almost achieved the hair style ombré for yourself. What remains is to give it a secret touch so that you have an incomparable look. And it consists of curling the hair. The curls will help the strands look natural and the newly dyed combine well, look synchronized and perfectly harmonized.


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