7 Tricks for Perfect and Natural Eyebrows

Eyes are the soul's reflection. The eyebrows are the ones that give the final touch to your face and make the frame of the face. According to the style your brows have, it's how you'll look in the end. Therefore, many girls want to be in trend and achieve perfect eyebrows. We bring you the 7 best tricks for perfect eyebrows that professional stylists and make-up artists recommend.

Trick 1: Go back to basics

7 perfect eyebrow rules of Hollywood masters

A basic trick, to start the magical transformation of your eyebrows, is to go back to the basics. The first thing that makeup artists and eyebrow masters say is "Leave the tweezers aside And do not even think about shaving your eyebrows... for at least three months."

The amount of time the eyebrows need to completely restore their natural form is at least 3 months. Otherwise, the result of any procedure, even the most expensive, will be far from natural.


Trick 2: Fewer makeovers

tricks for perfect natural eyebrows

No matter how perfect the makeup is, the important thing is that the eyebrows look beautiful but natural, do not overdo it. You do not have to be meticulously examining your eyebrows in the mirror every day and pulling all the hairs out of the arch.

Naturalness is what matters and is demonstrated by the models on the catwalk. So "You do not have to have perfectly aligned eyebrows, the important thing is naturalness" .

Trick 3: Take care of them as well as hair!

tricks for perfect natural eyebrows 1

"Take care of the hair of your eyebrows as well as the hair" . Hollywood stylists advise girls that they should comb your eyebrows every day with a special brush. This will help you get rid of dead cells and improve blood circulation, which will accelerate your growth.

Further, hydrate at least once a week . To do this, recommend the use of coconut oil or hair conditioner: Apply for a few minutes and rinse with warm water.

Trick 4: Do not try to cheat mother nature

tricks for perfect natural eyebrows 2

As tempting as it may be what is"fashionable", Do not make a radical transformation with a razor or use a lot of makeup on your eyebrows . It is better to make a light correction and put your natural line in order.


Trick 5: Empower

tricks for perfect natural eyebrows 3

Not only from the outside, with oils and conditioners, but also from inside. Do you want your eyebrows to grow faster? Then you must take Multivitamin complexes with biotin and zinc in its formulation.

The benefits are not only for the eyebrows, but also for the hair, skin and nails. And do not forget to take a diet rich in proteins .


Trick 5: Say no to permanent eyebrows

tricks for perfect natural eyebrows 4

A few years ago, the permanent makeup or eyebrow tattoo was the dream of many fashionistas. But nowadays, very few already want to do this procedure and prefer wide and thick eyebrows, and naturalness. Fashion changes, but the pigment of tattoos or brands of some trend will remain for years. So think well before opting for permanent eyebrows .


Trick 6: Better little makeup on the eyebrows

tricks for perfect natural eyebrows 5

Makeup is our ally, not a necessary trend. It is not advisable to fill your eyebrows with black pencil, this will give you a artificial appearance that really is not very pleasing to the eye, even in black eyebrows. To avoid this, use a dark brown pencil to make-up or a clear gel. Use the mascara brush to mix the pigments with the hair of your eyebrows .

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