5 Fruits That Prevent Lose Weight

Thin and with fruits, it seems that these two concepts are completely compatible. But not always. Ironically, in many diets they are just a superfluous fruit. The first thing to pay attention is the calories, and the second, the amount of fat. There are other important factors that must be taken into account when making a diet but we see these two components in fruits. Next, we present the fruits that prevent weight loss .

1. The cambers


Delicious, rich in potassium, but also very high in calories. They contain many carbohydrates like sugars. Recently, scientists have given another reason to take into account: the changers contain ingredients that block the process of division of fat for a few hours! Another disadvantage of this fruit is its high glycemic index. This causes carbohydrates to quickly turn into blood glucose.

2. Pears


In general, not so"dangerous", as the previous two, but in large quantities have a negative impact on the large intestine, since they have an astringent effect. A pear at breakfast is good, so as not to impede the work of the gastrointestinal tract throughout the day.

3. Grapes


Sugars are a lot. And the process of digestion of the grapes is delayed because of the bark.

4. Melon


It has many carbohydrates. If this energy is not"burned"after digestion, for example, through sports or the gym, these carbohydrates are placed on the sides.

5. Avocado

It's delicious. It is often used for power in athletes. But! This fruit is very high in calories. 100 g They contain 227 calories. And the weight of avocados on average is 300 g. In addition, there is a large amount of fat - 17-20 g per 100 g of weight.