IKEA catalogs have fewer and fewer actual images

Today we are accustomed to observe the images that traditionally appear in the IKEA catalogs The decor In general reflecting do you cook , Bathrooms and different environments impeccable to promote their different products. But what percentage of these images is real and how much is done digitally?.

IKEA Catalogs

The Swedish company IKEA (Specializing in the marketing of home decoration products) recently revealed that 75% of the images in its catalog are not real but computer generated. This figure has increased considerably since 2012, when only 25% of it was done using this method.

The first image generated entirely in digital form was presented in 2010 and the similarity is amazing, so much so that if one does not have the eye trained to distinguish it, hardly realize the"deception."

Ikea Catalogs

All objects that we observe in the catalogs are generated in 4K resolution, while the textures are obtained by scanning the analogues, in order to obtain results that are similar to the real.

In short, we must get used to seeing more and more computer generated environments so similar to the real ones that we will not be able to say if such a wonderful catalog kitchen exists.