How to make your makeup last longer

Makeup when applied in the right way can help you look better and last longer. It will only take you a few minutes to achieve beauty and that the makeup lasts longer. These simple makeup tips can facilitate your makeup routine and will be very useful for makeup to last for many more hours.


Before putting on makeup, it is recommended to give life to your face, with a natural face mask or moisturizing ampoules. Apply them a few hours before your makeup routine. This deep hydration will help the skin look much fresher and younger. Thanks to this not only you will be provided with makeup, but also your skin will be hydrated during the day and will make your makeup does not run.


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The first is a gel or cream to make your makeup last much longer. There are for shadows, lips and for the entire face. It is applied before makeup. Apply a light coat of primer, so that you get lumps. Apply it on all your skin and wait a few minutes to start applying makeup.


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Once you finish makeup, you must seal. Apply translucent powder on the entire face, even on the lips. In the case of using eyeliners or gel shadows, you can seal with powdered shadows. Once you have sealed you can apply a little spray of hair on the face. This will create a light extra layer that will make your makeup last longer.


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To prolong the duration of the makeup you must retouch it. So you should go prepared and bring in your wallet the blush, lipstick, mascara and translucent powder. With one or two touch-ups a day you'll look perfect and with your impeccable makeup.

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