How to make a Peeling at Home for a Perfect Skin

It is no longer necessary to go to a special beauty center to get a peeling. You can easily do it yourself at home. For this we teach you everything about how to do a peeling at home. You will achieve perfect skin easily so take note.

The peel is a treatment that helps us reduce wrinkles, blemishes and marks of our face, also gives our skin more elasticity and tone. The main thing in the treatment is to exfoliate the first layer of the skin in order to eliminate the dead cells and renew the epidermis.

Alternatives for Home Peeling

To perform the peeling at home you have two alternatives, with natural products or professional products:

With natural products

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The most used natural ingredients for a peel are: Milk or yogurt, Lemon or orange and Herbs or essential oils . Here you have 3 homemade peeling recipes with natural ingredients .

To do this, you must mix the chosen ingredients and apply them on your face. One of the advantages of this option is the low cost, but we can not assure good results for our skin.

Professional products

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Today there are different professional products to perform the chemical peel at home. These products contain the Glycolic Acid , which is used in the beauty centers themselves and helps to renew the skin.

Glycolic acid works by exfoliating our skin, eliminating dead cells and preventing aging. You can use products that contain it or apply it directly with some cotton discs.

The treatment you choose should be done at night for about four weeks and you will see the results. It is a comfortable and effective alternative, since you will achieve a skin without imperfections, without leaving home, or spend a lot of money.

What is the Peeling at home?

How to make a Peeling at Home for a Perfect Skin

Making a peel at home is very easy and you just have to follow a few simple steps to achieve that radiant skin free of imperfections that you are looking for.

Step 1: Facial cleansing

The first thing you should do is clean your face. So wash your face with water and the products you use regularly. The most important thing in this first step is that after washing your face do not dry it.

Step 2: Massaging the Face

Without drying your face, massage your face gently in the form of circles and applying the ingredients (You can use natural or not). Try to do it in every place of your face but avoiding the most sensitive ones like the eyes and the mouth.

Step 3: Let the Product Act

We let the product, or the ingredients, act for a few minutes and then rinse with plenty of water.

Tips to consider

• Do not forget to hydrate your face after treatment

• Abuse of this treatment can cause sensitivity and peeling of the skin

• Respects the natural process of cell regeneration of your skin

• Not recommended for people suffering dermatological problems

• Try not to sunbathe the next few days of treatment, even if you use sun protection

• Leave your face bare and without makeup, at least 3 hours after the 'peeling'