How to Dry your Hair in 10 minutes and last all day

Hair drying is even more difficult than ironing hair , because it can be a problem to properly remove moisture from the hair and even more if you are in a hurry. That is why we bring you these tips on how to dry your hair in 10 minutes and show off your smoothed hair for the rest of the day.

Use conditioner

The conditioner not only serves to make your hair look soft and silky, it will also help you to dry it faster. Since after applying it, moisture will not pass through the hair as easily and drying will be much easier.

Washing hair at night

When it comes to a quick drying, 10 minutes, it is best to sleep with freshly washed hair and tied with a towel to prevent breakage. Also as you will be at rest, all vitamins will nourish your hair.

Use microfiber towels

Dry your hair with gentle movements from the root to the tip, use microfiber towels that are gentler with your hair. This way you will eliminate excess water much faster, and your hair will be much healthier.

Wrap it in a towel

When leaving the bathroom wrap your hair in a towel, and leave it for a while. Meanwhile, you can dedicate yourself to doing some household chores. After a few minutes you can brush your hair normally and remember to use microfiber towels to remove excess moisture. In this way drying and ironing will be much faster.

Apply anti-humidity products

Apply uniformly a spray anti humidity on dry or wet hair , this product blocks moisture to prevent frizz, it will also help the drying process last longer. If you apply it from the root, you must slide the comb towards the ends so that it penetrates all the hair.