House with a view of the sea: Fall House by Fougeron

There are many who dream of having a house with a view to the sea. Waking up and enjoying these landscapes must be something really incredible and that we know that does not enter the possibilities of all.

But it could be the dream fulfilled of the clients who hired the studio Fougeron To build this three-bedroom marvel in California on the Pacific.

House with sea view

Of course, already from the first ideas were present the windows. Surrounding such a magnificent environment and not considering them would not make sense since as we see in the result, we can appreciate that calm that the sea generates enjoying it from an elevated position.

With design Geometric and a considerable size, is divided into two bodies. Inside the first are two rectangles that are connected by a glazed bibliteca. Regarding the amenities, in addition to the three bedrooms has a fully equipped open kitchen, living room, dining room and other common areas of entertainment.

Although it may seem a lie, one may need to get away from nature. If this is the case in this house, they should only go to the second sector, which, unlike the main glazing, was created more closely for this purpose.

House with sea view by Fougeron

Project of Fougeron .