House on wheels of 20 square meters

Taking advantage of Small spaces Is increasingly celebrated. Smaller houses are now being created compared to decades ago and in some cases they reach points that one does not know how to handle. In today's case, mobility is added. A great house on wheels of only 20 square meters that was created with great creativity.

House on wheels

The owners are Andrew and Gabriella Morrison, who told their experience on a website and because of the success they found blueprints , Guides and information that can help build RVs like yours.

Despite the small atmosphere, the amenities are several: bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and a superior area to which is accessed by stairs to store things and enjoy a corner of relaxation with TV.

If they pay attention to the images they will discover details in the furniture that make them much more functional and ideal for a house of this type. There are folding elements as well as camouflaged drawers that help maintain the organization.

The couple now living in this little wonder says that it was a great change and a choice. Get rid of what you do not need to live comfortably on your own with your little daughter, with the ability to move when you want and take your home.

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