House for two families in Japan

When it comes to a house for two families who is responsible for building it has much to consider. The first is that both should be comfortable and the construction should have functionality. The second is what areas will end up being common to be able to focus on that despite being and sharing, for example entry, the boundary is still marked.

House for two families

Excellent project fulfilling this and more is the one that we see in the images, creation of I.R.A. Located in the Yamagata Prefecture area of ​​Japan. Of course, the Oriental style Is present in all environments. Terrace included, the house shares a central corridor with patio that will work as a zone of communication between families and modern touches that do not break the most classic style.

As shown in the picture, on the lower level we have the corridor that told them with large windows to the bottom and on the top a terrace of similar size open at its ends. Same exterior and entrance but housing Individual .

Impossible to miss the Minimalism Classic Asian houses in their Interior , With white walls, touches of wood and a use of really perfect space.

House for two families in Japan

Project of GO TO.
Pictures of Nobuaki Nakagawa