Hairstyles with Cola for each Day of the Week

We all want to be always beautiful. But, how to be fashionable and pick up your hair when it's hot? The answer is simple: with hairstyles with tail . And what better than having an option for each day of the week. Look at these 7 hairstyles with glue for each day of the week.

# 1 Monday: perfect softness

long ponytail - so elegant

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A classic, a backwards hairstyle with a moderately high tail, you will go from seeing yourself as a tired woman to a successful businesswoman or a glamorous diva. Remember to comb your hair gently. And give it shine with serum or oil.

# 2 Tuesday: lower and more free

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After Monday, the best to breathe a sigh of relief and relax, get a low ponytail with a race in between. This hairstyle will look more elegant, with a good lip gloss.

# 3 Wednesday of"bubbles"


bubble braid submission by @hairbyhaileyy


The"bubbles"will give you a voluminous appearance that you need, do not forget to separate each section with your fingers or a fine comb so that they are perfect.

# 4 Thursday of"Fish Tail"

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Girl with a long fish tail

For this day try a new tail higher, but add joy and give volume. For this a beautiful style"fish tail". This style of hairstyle is ideal for those with curly, wavy or"rebel"hair.

# 5 Friday:"African"!

High bright colored pants with white frilly top

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Do not have time to wash your hair after Thursday with your"fish tail"?????. Much better!. Make a high tail and use your mane carelessly with that"African"touch.

# 6 Saturday: Young Spirit

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What better than a"tail at the top"that reminds you of the 90s, when you went to class. Besides being very comfortable it is very fashionable and for those hot days it is ideal. Even a good lipstick to give that touch of sensuality that will make you look beautiful.

# 7 Sunday: Relaxation and romance

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Braid on each side and crepe from the front collected in rear pigtail

Spend a relaxed Sunday next to your partner, or a day of leisure, with this braid"medium"tail that will make you look beautiful in a day for relaxation and romance.