Coca Cola Offices in London

Great project for the study MoreySmith . The new Coca Cola In London were completed in May this year and now house more than 300 employees of the company. An in-depth remodeling that left changes in the architectural, in its design Interior and in the style of the place.

Coca Cola Offices

Impossible that when dealing with Coca Cola they leave aside their history. Decorative objects are seen that show classic commercials of the mark as well as its characteristic bottle even in the form of lamp.

It is an incredible building of 1920 with three levels and terrace that now will function as a space for leisure and rest for its employees, as well as coffee and different amenities, following the current trend of joining work with recreation. Several rooms For meetings and office areas Individual Open in a fun and fun atmosphere.

The three floors are joined by the same wall next to the staircase that visually attracts instantly to have space to decorate with different elements that convey the history of such an emblematic company.

Coca Cola Offices in London

Project of MoreySmith .