Changing bathtub by shower: Evaluating the advantages

Bathtub per shower

There are many cases in which we Changing the tub for a shower , Or otherwise. Simply because although the function is basically the same, they offer certain different points that we must keep in mind.

A shower saves water, a resource that we know we currently have to consider. On the other hand, if in our home live older people or people with limited movement capacity, it will be accessible to them. And if we talk basically of the remodeling of a bathroom, it is obvious that it will allow us to obtain much more free space.

On the other hand, a bathtub generally increases the value of the property, offers the possibility of having those long and relaxing baths with or without hydromassage and can always include a shower for when we are less time.

Finally, it is not bad to think that it is usually a time of day in which we want to enjoy and be comfortable, so if we have a small space, it will always be better to have a large shower (today really designs are achieved Incredible) than a reduced space bath.

Basically, if our bathroom exceeds 1.40 meters, we can place a bath of a reasonable size. From being smaller, a cabin with shower is our best choice to be able to enjoy the rest of the space without feeling confined.

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