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We bring you the most top of the trends in hair. Beauty experts have already revealed trends in 2018 hairstyles. 90s trends are back in fashion, pastel shades, blond hair, colored hairs and braids will mark the style. Take the opportunity to renew your   […]

If you have one of those friends who loves fashion and being fashionable, then surprise her with one of these beautiful gifts for friends. What better than a comfortable, soft and padded garment, ideal for when it is cold or rainy afternoons. That's why   […]

The nabré style in the nails is a gradient in which you can play with all the colors that you like the most. Uniting colors like white and black, seeing how they merge with each other. Or more striking colors like violet and yellow. You choose the pref   […]

These rooms or rooms are great for teenage girls. They compiled a series of the best rooms for girls, they are incredible!. Being a teenage girl you will want to reflect your new tastes and needs in your room. These ideas will inspire you.   […]

Do you like to enjoy a few days of beach or pool? Would you like to show off spectacular hair?. Then look at these hairstyles for the beach or pool that we bring for you. We know that when hair is wet it is fragile, but more manageable.   […]

These fashionable pens of different designs will plead you the day and your projects will be brilliant, since they will serve as inspiration to do your tasks. You can use them at the university, for your journal or at work. Or give them to your children   […]

Your hairstyle can cause a good or bad impression of you, so you should always look cute. The best is a simple one that makes you look beautiful and that is not very difficult to elaborate. That's why we want to share with you these simple hairstyles id   […]