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This mask with only two natural ingredients will achieve a total change in your skin after a night of rest. The mask for dry skin with natural ingredients will provide freshness and nutrients to your skin, it is also very easy to do at home. It is not e   […]

Makeup when applied in the right way can help you look better and last longer. It will only take you a few minutes to achieve beauty and that the makeup lasts longer. These tips to make up without doubt will help you.   […]

For cold nights, the women's military jacket is perfect. This jacket look has become a must of all the girls. In addition, its olive green tone makes it a neutral piece and will make it match everything. Look at these outfit ideas with military jackets   […]

Do you want to give something to your best friend or your sister? What better than a gift that can be used to make up or to store your makeup products. Sure, if you want you can also give yourself! If you and your friends love makeup, then there are ma   […]

We collect the best nails decorated with rhinestones, among them, nails decorated with crystal stones, with iridescent stones, with swarovski stones, among others. If you love this nail style but want some different ideas to use this year 2018   […]