Beauty rules for summer

Summer becomes a challenge in terms of beauty treatments. The sun, the sea, the swimming pool, travel, eating habits, lack of sleep, or lack of time to follow beauty treatments. Therefore, we have prepared for you some beauty rules for summer so that in this holiday you stay beautiful.

Improve your figure

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The best thing for this summer is that your body is in the ideal weight, in addition to toned, so the swimsuit will look beautiful. Do not go to the extremes: Not so thin, but neither excesses!. So to improve your figure to look good.

Get in shape

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Escape the routine and leave laziness, it is best to make a practice that improves your figure. A diet may help, but there is nothing better than physical exercise. Sport, in addition to burning fat, helps you tone muscles, that is, make them hard and reduce the flaccidity and texture of orange peel skin.

Depílate one day before

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Depílate a day before going on a trip, because the skin, however care you have to shave or wax, is sensitive. High temperatures can affect the skin. Never expose yourself to the sun after shaving, your skin may be stained.

Use sun protection all the time and stay hydrated

Beauty rules for summer

Sunbathing on the beach or in a pool lying all day is not good. It is not healthy, nor the tan will look nice (much less when you start to peel). Use sunscreens with a filter of a minimum protection factor of 30, especially if you go to a place where the heat is intense, preferably the protector should be resistant to water. Also, stay hydrated while you are sunbathing.

Use self tanners

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If you want your skin to have a perfect tan, you will not achieve sunbathing for hours, but with self-tanners, which are safe products for your skin.

Have fun and share these tips with your friends!