Asian Decoration: PC Garden

Kengo Kuma Is winner of awards For more than ten years because it is just one more important name within the decor Asian The man next to his study can achieve to recreate the most classic aspect of this continent or to combine it with modern style in a wonderful way.

Asian Decoration

PC Garden is a creation completed last year in which the latter occurs. While there are details that stand out for modern both in decoration and materials, what is breathed is the beauty of Asian decoration, its Minimalism , Simplicity and visual harmony.

Sloping ceilings, walls with incredible textures add to a small amount of well-located furniture. Many of the lights are focused on different strategic points to keep the warmth at night (I love the illumination From the floor) and the windows are primordial because the construction is surrounded by a beautiful environment that also includes an impeccable Asian garden.

Asian Decoration: PC Garden

Project of Kengo Kuma .