Ariana Grande Makeup • Step by Step Tutorial

Ariana Grande is one of our favorite singers, we also love how she looks with her natural but impeccable style and with her incredible Cat Eyes . If you want to learn how to make up how Ariana follows these simple steps. With a little practice you manage to recreate the style that characterizes it.

Ariana Grande is characterized by having a natural look with a perfect velvety finish. Put these five steps into practice and you will get the makeup of Ariana Grande in just a few minutes.

Steps 1: Prepare your skin

Clean your face very well and apply a moisturizer. Then, a pre-base or first so that the makeup lasts much longer and does not crack.

Step 2: Apply concealer and base to achieve the velvety finish of Ariana Grande

Use a concealer, the same shade as the color of your skin, to cover and hide the minor imperfections, without forgetting the dark circles. Then to unify the color of the skin, apply a base (equally of the tone of your skin) to achieve the natural look that our star looks.

Step 3: Make up your eyes Ariana Grande style

Ariana Grande tends to make up her eyes with delicate cat eyes ( cat eyes) . Start with eye shadows, apply a lighter shadow (golden, bronze or beige tone) on the mobile eyelid and use a slightly darker shade on the outside of the eye socket (brown tone) to give depth to the look .

It uses a black eyeliner to define the upper eyelid up to the water line, and with fine lines makes a cat eyte style line. Here you can see how to make cat eyes easily .

To finish the eyes, apply a mask to look more curved eyelashes and large as those of the artist. Previously use an eyelash curler and apply the mascara.

Step 4: Ariana style lips

The lips of Ariana Grande are not very marked, their favorite with nude color lipstick or very natural brown. Before applying the lipstick, use a pencil of the same tone to define the lips. Then apply the lipstick and to finish, a little shine in the center of the lips to give more volume.

Step 5: Final touch with blusher

Finally apply blush in peach tone from the cheeks to the temple, from the inside out. You will look fresh and much more youthful. He blush or ideal bronzing powder to define your face and mark your facial features.

Look Inspired by Ariana Grande | Make-up tutorial