Abandoned malls captured by Seph Lawless

It became one of the most recognized projects in the world of photographer Seph Lawless. The owner of that pseudonym who is also an artist and activist, defender of social platforms are a good field to fight against injustice and to publicize art in general was devoted to take pictures of Abandoned malls In a series that is known as"Black Friday".

Abandoned malls captured by Seph Lawless

Black Friday: The Collapse of the American shopping mall bases its name on the date that always collapses sales in this type of buildings. In the images of the series are two Ohio shopping malls that had their best time years ago and were built in the late 70's.

The idea is to clearly transmit (through a book coming out) the fall of the American economy showing two powers of years ago completely ruined, closed in the years 2008 and 2009, that far from sheltering families consuming show darkness, details worthy of a Horror film and a clear sign that nothing stays on top for too long. All within the creative hands of the talented photographer who has already caused a furor with other series of abandoned places.

Abandoned shopping malls - Black Friday

Project of Seph Lawless .