9 benefits of coconut oil

This is a wonder of nature, coconut oil is sensational and can be very useful when it comes to beauty. If you want to make homemade beauty recipes, with this oil you can do wonders. We show you below the benefits of coconut oil.

1. Combat frizz and moisturize your hair


If you apply coconut oil on your scalp, in small quantities, you can say goodbye to frizz. To moisturize your hair you should only apply this oil from the middle of the scalp to the tips, then let it act for half an hour, then wash your hair and go.

2. Hydrate the skin



The coconut oil is perfect to also moisturize your skin, all you have to do is pass it through your dermis, preferably at night and take it off the next morning.

3. Insect bites

One of the most annoying things is to suffer the bite of an insect, which can leave you with that itching and that desire to scratch the wounded area. Now, if you apply coconut oil you will calm the pain and the itching.

4. Get a perfect tan

It is excellent on the beach to acquire that desired tan. But caution must be exercised, it must not be used in the midday hours. Ideally, use it in the morning or after three in the afternoon.

5. It serves as deodorant



Yes, it is a good option to eliminate those unwanted odors caused by sweat. Mixed with baking soda and a little lemon, it will help keep odors at bay. So if you are looking for a natural or economic solution, coconut oil is your solution.

6. Facial remover

Apply coconut oil directly on the skin or if it was your usual make-up and massage remover. Wipe with a damp cotton several times until no trace of makeup is visible. It can be more complicated with mascara against water.

7. Facial moisturizer

9 benefits of coconut oil


A few drops are enough to apply under the eyes and in the drier areas. Remove the excess gently. Apply night and day.

8. Prevents stretch marks in pregnancy.

Apply directly on the skin that feels itchy. Apply as many times as necessary.

9. Cream for dry lips

9 benefits of coconut oil 1


Apply on the lips as many times as necessary.