8 Tips to look good in hot weather

The intense heat looms and if you neglect you can be a victim more. Make the most of this season despite the inclemency of the weather and turn on how to look good when it's hot. It looks supernatural!


Are you going to face the sun but you refuse to do it with a washed face? Then you should opt for a light and relaxed look. Five quick steps are those that will teach you to look supernatural but very well groomed.


Also learn to protect yourself and look beautiful those days where the sun is at its best. Do not lose the glamor if you decide to take a dip and when the sun goes down, learn to wear an incredible tan.


Avoid oil-based makeup

For hot times it is best to avoid this kind of makeup, as they are too heavy for the skin.

Rub an ice cube on his face

This step after washing your face will help make the makeup stay for much longer. For sensitive skin you can wrap the ice cube in a thin flannel, then pass it over your face.

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Wear waterproof makeup

Makeup foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyelash mask and waterproof lipsticks work best to avoid heat. And the best thing to take care of heat makeup is to use mineral makeup in preference to powder.

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Clean your face very well

Use a light facial cleanser, without oil and that goes better according to your skin type.

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Protect your face

If you will be exposed to the sun, use a sunscreen with a protection level greater than 30.

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Do not forget the pre-base

Using a primer or pre-base will help your skin to take a uniform tone and also to make the makeup last a long time.

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Choose the essentials for you

In this step you can choose to use only a concealer in dark circles, spots and granites or use your daily basis on the entire face.

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The final finish

For this step it is only a matter of using a matte powder, do not forget your powder blush on the cheeks, put on your mascara and delinees as usual. Remember to color your lips, although if you are on the beach look better natural colors.

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