8 Bad Habits that Hurt Hair

Women want to find aesthetic perfection, and the hair, which is the frame of the face, occupies one of the first places to deal with in that anxious search. In this sense, both the specialists and the myths of the grandmothers have coincided, that many of the routines that we submit to our hair, in order to see us more beautiful, are irrefutably guilty that our hair loses quality.

Then we tell you what under no pretext you should do so that, once and for all, your hair looks and is truly fantastic. Caring for him does not mean subjecting him to great abuse, but knowing very well his particular characteristics, the way you should treat him, dedicate attention when he is weak or dehydrated and above all, know how to show off with a lot of style.

1 Wash it daily

bad habits that damage the hair

The cleaning of our hair is very important, but wait! It is not necessary to wash it every day. In fact, it's wrong if you do it. Our hair generates a natural fat that covers it to avoid dryness and breakage. The best option is to wash it every two days, only if it is extremely greasy; If, on the other hand, it is dry, wash it with more days in between. Remember to use a shampoo that suits the needs of your hair.

2 Consistently use irons and curling irons

bad habits that damage the hair 1

Women tend to be dissatisfied with this issue, because if they have straight hair, they crave it curly and vice versa, so they resort to tools that although at the moment they make an enviable mane shine, in the long term it visibly deteriorates. If you turn the irons and curling irons into your constant allies, you will only make it look very opaque sooner rather than later.

3 Bad choice of products

bad habits that damage the hair 2

In the market there is a wide variety of products that fit each type of hair and their particular needs. Far from acquiring them by simple whim, choose those that best suit your hair. Take into consideration its type, whether it is dry or fatty, smooth or curl, chemically treated or not. "Every hair is a mondo", so do not forget any detail when choosing products.

4 Brush it frequently

bad habits that damage hair 3

While it is advisable to brush your hair to stimulate its growth, do not fall into exaggeration. It is suggested to comb it once or twice a day to distribute all the oil that it produces, and keep it healthy and manageable. But if you do it very often, you get a vulnerable hair to external agents.

5 Use rubber bands (pigtails) every day

bad habits that damage hair 4

If you want to clear your face from hair, use rubber bands in a solution; but keep in mind that this should be in good condition and should be covered with a soft material so that it does not mistreat it. When placing it, try not to adjust it excessively, since you will be able to split the hair. causing points to appear along your mane.

6 Leave the scalp on its side

bad habits that damage hair 5

To have beautiful hair, you need to take care of all the parties involved; therefore, the scalp can not be left aside. In this area are the hair follicles; these must be clean and healthy to produce strong hair. Rinse with abundant water any product that you apply on the scalp in order not to obstruct its growth.

7 Combing wet

bad habits that damage hair 6

If when combing our dry hair around 100 strands are lost, doing it wet could triple that figure. When it is wet, it is more vulnerable than normal and breaks more easily. It is advisable to wait until it is moist and proceed to comb it with a thick tooth comb, so as not to cause damage.

8 Not cutting it is another of the bad habits that damage the hair

bad habits that damage hair 7

Most women prefer to have long hair and, in that desire, choose not to cut it in a long time, but the truth is that it is important that you go to the hairdresser at least every three months to cut two to three fingers of tips and also can give you a versatile cut. You will also subtract the formation of horquetillas and your hair will grow healthier.