7 habits for a good skin that you should do when waking up

Do you want to look good after waking up and stop covering the dark circles with concealer? Well then it is time to put into practice certain habits for a good skin that are very useful in the mornings.

Of course, you can not do without makeup magic. But people whose faces shine early with freshness and health, have their little secrets. People with good skin perform these habits in the morning.

1. Wash your face with a mild soap

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Not only is it good to wash your face in the morning to wake up with encouragement, but also to remove the natural oil from the skin that was produced during the night, as well as remnants of makeup that could remain. Use only a mild soap (at least, no alcohol and no salicylic acid in the composition), and rinse the face with water at room temperature.

2. Do not forget antioxidants

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Cosmetologists recommend that even the dirty air of large cities is capable of damaging the skin and accelerating the aging process. Therefore use morning care products with Natural antioxidants: vitamins C and E, ferulic acid or herbal ingredients such as green tea extract or coffee bean extracts .

3. Never forget the sunscreen

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If you are over twenty years old and especially if you have a white skin, then applying the sunscreen on your face has to be the same habit as washing the face in the morning.

4. Protect the neck, chest and arms from the sun

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If you are one of those who do not like to cover your arms, neck and chest, then do not forget to treat the areas mentioned with sunscreen before leaving. Well, at least in summer. Dermatologists recommend applying at least a little sunscreen, to delay the appearance of wrinkles.

5. Do not press the pimples

Under no circumstances should you try to squeeze a pimple or pimple! Instead, you should apply ice to reduce inflammation and tighten your skin, and then treat it with a special cream with salicylic acid or tea tree oil in its composition.

6. Colorful breakfast

7 morning habits of people with good skin

A mix of fresh fruits (strawberries, blackberries and berries), green salads, oatmeal and yogurt. They are light breakfasts loaded with energy, also provide a necessary part of antioxidants for a natural shine from the inside of the skin.

7. Start the morning with a glass of water

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In general, try to drink plenty of fluids, especially in the morning. Dehydration can occur quickly and have a negative impact on the entire body. Including diseases of the skin: excessive dryness causes the appearance of wrinkles. Just avoid heavy drinking before going to bed: it can cause bloating in the morning.