6 Best Tips to Look Glamorous

The word"glamor"means magic and charm. Some consider that the outer appearance is the most important, others consider their mind and intellect. But it does not matter, the important thing is that you feel comfortable with yourself. In terms of appearance, what you want is to look good and have that spark that attracts looks. For this we bring you the 6 best tips to look glamorous.

# 1 Keep your body clean

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Take regular showers to keep your body clean and smell fresh. Avoid excessively perfumed soaps, as they can harm the perfume you use. Use antiperspirant deodorants. As with soap, avoid any strong odor. Do not forget to brush your teeth after every meal!

# 2 Keep your face clean and hydrated

You have to do your best to try to stay free of imperfections. That is, without acne, pimples, bruises or scars. Sometimes it is inevitable, but you must find the best way to take care of your skin.

Keep your skin clean and washed every day. Remember that each person's skin is different and the important thing is to find the products that work for you. If you have acne or pimples you should go to a dermatologist to find a suitable product for your skin.

# 3 Apply makeup only when necessary

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* When using makeup, use a medium amount of eyeliner.

* Find your correct concealer tone, and if you have dark circles use it under your eyes, and in any other place where you have imperfections.

* Use a base if you need additional coverage or if your skin tone is uneven.

* To make your face look more feminine, use a facial illuminator and apply it on the high points of your face: the brow bone, the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose.

* Curl the lashes and apply the mascara.

* Use two shades of eye shadow colors, apply the lightest on the entire eyelid and the darker one on the fold.

* Find the color of the lipstick that works for you and use it, make sure to use a moisturizer before applying the lipstick.

# 4 Take care of and fix your hair

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Your hair should be well cared for and clean. Each person's hair is different and unique, and everyone can be attractive if the right style is found. Any color is acceptable, depending on your style. However, avoid bright colors, as they tend to disappear and seem cheap.

Your hair should always be bright and healthy. This means using conditioner and, in general, keeping it healthy, cut the ends regularly.

# 5 Keep your nails taken care of


Keep your nails soft and healthy. Do not forget the cuticles. Paint the nails, when you can. When the paint begins to crack, you must remove it.

# 6 Stand upright

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Keep a good posture, this will make you look more confident and also make you look taller. Also, it's good for you!. Try to sleep on your back as it helps to develop good posture, and try to keep your back straight throughout the day. You can also use a back support, or a special device, when you are at home to help you straighten your back.