25 Star Nail Designs that you'll love

The stars are so beautiful that they use them to decorate thousands of things, but in terms of beauty and the world of fashion, Star nails are especially lovely . If you are one of those girls who love the stars and have their nails well groomed, it could be better than a manicure with some pretty little stars that will give a unique and special touch.

To make your hands look beautiful and bright, we bring you the best 30 ideas of how to wear the designs of stars on your nails. Choose the one you like and do it for you!

# 1 Manicure of white stars with pink base

# 2 Nude colored nails with black stars are very fashionable

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# 3 They are the perfect complement to your casual look

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# 4 Black and bronze and alternating colors

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# 5 With a rainbow base

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# 6 They are perfect for day to day

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# 7 With nude base and stars in 3D gold

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# 8 With a manicure with half the star you will look very flirtatious

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# 9 With bright sticker stars

25 Star Nail Designs that you'll love

# 10 With the colors of the unicorn

25 Star Nail Designs You'll Love 5

# 11 With these designs you will look sophisticated and fashionable

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# 12 They will give your manicure the special touch of brightness you are looking for

25 Star Nail Designs that you'll love

# 13 Nails with transparent base and white stars super fashion

25 Star Nail Designs You'll Love 7

# 14 You can use some sequin stars to create the design more easily

Star manicure

# 15 The balance between white stars and blue background is perfect

Star Manicure 8

# 16 For the most chic a pink base with white stars

Manicure of stars 9

# 17 These nails are everything!

Star manicure 10

# 18 Create your own style according to your look of the day

Star manicure 11

# 19 Gray base with white stars combine perfectly

Star manicure 12

# 20 Nails of colorful stars to go out with your friends or college

Star Manicure 01

# 21 To shine on a night out

Star manicure

# 22 Black nails with half of the star and edge in gold

Star manicure 13

# 23 Mancarán trend this season

Star manicure 14

# 24 Based on bright blue

Star Manicure 15

# 25 Add a touch of glamor to your look with these nails

Star manicure 16