25 Magical Designs of Unicorn Nails that you'll love

For those who love the horse with a horn, we bring you some unicorn nail designs very beautiful and more lovely But perfect for the girls who love this cute little animal and the colors that characterize it. These manicures will serve as inspiration to make a design for you or your next visit to the manicurist.

These unicorn nail designs do not go out of style. Special for those who can not live without the pastel shades on their nails. The unicorn manicure is inspiring and looks very tender and beautiful. So let yourself be enveloped by the magic of the unicorn and run to make one for yourself!

# 1 Fill your nails with the magic of the unicorn


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# 4 A trend that does not go out of style

# 5 A more delicate design but super cute

# 6 Brighten it with glitter

25 Magical Designs of Unicorn Nails that you'll love

# 7 They are the rage of nail art

# 8

# 9 These are super chic

# 10 Beautiful and colorful art

# 11 These are my favorites!

# 12 Beautiful 3d manicure with the mythological creature

# 13 Mystical nails of unicorn

# 14 Use the color you like the most as a base

# 15 With the horn in gray tone and two little faces of unicorn

# 16 Pastel pink nails with a white base and the face of the unicorn

# 17 With gradient with the colors of the unicorn

# 18 With 3D art

# 19 You will be the envy of your friends

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# 20 With bright base in pink

Unicorn nails

# 21 You can mix several designs

Unicorn Nails 2

# 22 Beautiful design inspired by the unicorns

Nails of Unicorn Unicorn Nails! ♥♥

# 23 Adorn a single nail with the face of the unicorn and you'll look super chic

Unicorn nails Cute unicorn nails

# 24 Create your own style

Nails of Unicorn Unicorn Nails.

# 25 Thank you for visiting us!

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The Art of the Unicorn Nails