25 Discreet Tattoo Designs You'll Love

When you make the decision to get a tattoo, you must be sure of where to put it and the size. So think well what you want since it will be for life. These discreet tattoo designs are ideal for those girls who want a small delicate brand that looks super cute.

This option of keeping your artwork secret or not so striking, certainly exists. There are many discreet tattoos that even your boyfriend or your mom will love, there are also smart places to do it if you do not want it to be seen. Here we bring you some 25 examples of discreet tattoos that are not so flashy and beautiful that you will surely love them.

# 1 Discreet tattoos you'll love

Discrete Tattoos

# 2 A triangle with fixed poles is very delicate and beautiful

Discrete Tattoos 1

# 3 A delicate and beautiful scissors

Discrete Tattoos 2

# 4 The moon and the sun to match your friend or partner

Discrete Tattoos 3

# 5 Delicate tattoos of the phases of the moon

Discrete Tattoos 4

# 6 Tatua your name or that of that loved one

Discrete Tattoos 5

# 7 On the top of the hand on the wrist

Discrete Tattoos 6

# 8 Two beautiful moons

Discrete Tattoos 7

# 9 Testo on the finger with an encouraging message

Discrete Tattoos 8

# 10 A text on the shoulder with which you identify yourself

Discrete Tattoos 9

# 11 Small flower tattoo on the shoulder

Discrete Tattoos 10

# 12 Delicate flower tattoo behind the ear

Discrete Tattoos 11

# 13 Small flower on the finger

Discrete Tattoos 12

# 14 On one side will be very sensual

Discrete Tattoos 13

# 15 Beautiful minimalist flower

Discrete Tattoos 14

# 16 A good place on the back of the wrist

Discrete Tattoos 15

# 17 The stars will always be very beautiful

Discrete Tattoos 16

# 18 The perfect diamond

Discrete Tattoos 17

# 19 A super chic geometric design

Discrete Tattoos 18

# 20 A delicate cross behind the ear

Discrete Tattoos 19

# 21 A delicate heart in the ankle

Discrete Tattoos 20

# 22 Beautiful hearts for couples

Discrete Tattoos 21

# 23 Cute heart in the forearm

Discrete Tattoos 22

# 24 One colorful with paper bird

Discrete Tattoos 23

# 25 Carita sticking out her tongue

Discrete Tattoos 24

# 26 A delicate anchor on the foot

Discrete Tattoos 25

# 27 The letter and the color of the letter that you like

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# 28 To remind your partner

nice little tattoos

# 29 A cute heart on the shoulder

delicate tattoos

# 30 For those who love unicorns

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# 31 Dog's paws

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# 30 Smile and make the best decision when choosing your tattoo

nice little tattoos

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