20+ Lovely Ideas of How to Carry Your Dream Catcher

The dream catchers have gained popularity mainly because of their bohemian appearance, the positivity they bring to life and bring peace to their mind. Nowadays, in addition to their common use in rooms, they are used as earrings, key rings and bracelets, tattoos, etc. Let's see some ideas of how to carry your dream catcher .

This handmade object, made with hoops and decorated with sacred elements such as feathers, is considered a symbol of unity and peace. Its shape is a circle, and it represents how the sun and the moon travel each day in the sky.

Its usefulness is to catch the good and bad thoughts, the bad thoughts are trapped in their nets and the good ones in their pens and they go direct your mind.

# 1 Dreamcatcher for use in the window

dream Hunter!:

# 2 Dreamcatcher bracelet

Dreams styled:

# 3 Choker

Fashion Dream Catcher Jewelry - Meticulously Handmade, Beaded Feather Collar Choker Necklaces, 4 Variants:

# 4 Bracelet


Dream catcher bracelet with feather charms.  .00, via Etsy.:

# 5 Sarcillo

Turquoise Dream Catcher Ear Cuff Single Dangle by MidnightsMojo,.00:

# 6 Owl shaped

Owl dream catcher, i love it!:

# 7 Ring

Tiny Dream Catcher Charm Ring - Silver Plated Turquoise Dreamcatcher Feather Adjustable Finger Jewelry:

# 8 With several blank circles and colorful threads

Autumn dreams:

# 9 Sarcillo

I want it:

# 10 Adornment for your hair


Left or Right?  @aurorabraids:

# 11 Sarcillo


# 12 To use in your vehicle

Dream catcher hanging from a car rear view mirror by poorartist |  Stocksy United:

# 13 How Friendship Symbol

dream catcher friendship bracelets by mylittlefisheyeshop on Etsy,.00:

# 14 AtrapasueƱo Necklace

Dream a little dream with these miniature dreamcatcher necklaces.  Adorned with a small ceramic bead at the base.  - Slip on style, Colors are assorted - Authentically handcrafted - Can also be worn as:

Dream Catcher Feather Choker Necklace:

# 15 Tattoos for Sisters

Matching Dream Catcher Tattoos for Sisters:

# 16 Sarcillo

U from UNICO #MegaPlush @Maybelline:

# 17 Garment for the arm

Dream Catcher with Feather and Arrow Arm Cuff:

# 18 In the shape of Hearts

# 19 AtrapasueƱo Cake

Dream Catcher Wedding cake #DreamCatcher #DreamCatcherWeddingCake #DreamCatcherWedding #ContemplatingCakes:

# 20 Colorful


# 21 Temporary Tattoo in Dorado

Gold Metallic Dream Catcher on shoulder:

Create your Own Dream Catcher