17 Audacious and Original Small Bathroom Designs

Experiments in the design of small bathrooms are risky, especially when it comes to improving them. In this review we have collected examples of the most daring, elegant and comfortable design options that can be put into practice without any fear in small bathrooms.

1. Wall of planks

Toilet with accent wall in a loft style.

A small bathroom, with wall of planks and a narrow platform of rough wood.

2. Fusion

extravagant bathroom in fusion.

Bright tiles and a lot of gold details - a specific idea of ​​bold and creative people.

3. Skin

WC in the Art Deco style.

WC in the Art Deco style, leather interior walls, luxury ceiling lamps and a variety of gold items - the main features of the Art Deco skillfully combined in the interior of a modern bathroom.

4. Photo mats

Photo of the wall inside the toilet bowl.

Photographic mats in order to visually increase the space - an ideal solution for decorating a small bathroom.

5. Exclusive lighting

Black and white bathroom.

Black and white bathroom, laconic with a simple plumbing, matt walls and lamp of impressive design on the wall.

6. Marble

bright bathroom in modern style.

Bright elegant bathroom with marble and splendid modern lamp on one of the walls.

7. Retro

WC in retro style.

WC in retro style, interesting and cozy with colorful wallpaper on the walls and shelves.

8. Metallic

Bright bathroom with original accessories.

Truly bright, the highlight was the original tubing in hi-tech style.

9. Classic

WC in a classic style.

A striking example, the classic style is anything but boring. Properly selected plumbing and presence of small pieces make an elegant bathroom interesting and unusual.

10. Gold

The luxurious interior of the adjacent bathrooms.

Noble adjoining bathroom with antique style elements and a variety of gold items.

11. Bright design

The turquoise color in the design of the toilet bowl.

Very colorful bathroom with turquoise wallpaper design on the walls and ceiling with fantastic piping design.

12. Bright White

The bath white as snow in a minimalist style.

White tiles like snow and bath create an atmosphere of purity and freshness.

13. Black Glitter

A bathroom with black contrails.

Incredibly elegant interior of a small bathroom with bright black walls and elaborate decoration items.

14. Eco-style

hygienic interior in eco-style.

Beautiful bathroom accessories, with compact concrete platform, fashionable and natural grass behind the toilet.

15. Noble gray

Bathroom in gray color.

Luxurious interior of bathrooms, decorated in gray scale.

16. Patina

Design a bathroom in the attic.

Laconic and incredibly elegant interior bathrooms with wooden shelves.

17. Blue Velvet

white-blue indoor bathrooms.

Elegant bathroom with a rich blue wall, shower with glass screen and silver ornaments.

17. Outdoors

17 Audacious and Original Small Bathroom Designs

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