15 Amazing Tricks to Eliminate Dark Circles Easily

If the excess of activities has begun to manifest itself in the form of dark circles, it is time to eliminate them. The bags in the eyes that appear are usually associated with lack of sleep, but they can also be caused by fatigue and stress.

Either by not sleeping well or by overwork, these incredible tricks to eliminate eye bags easily are ideal to combat them. And the best are home remedies and very effective natural that will return to your face that aspect of freshness and free of dark circles.

Cucumber slices

Cut two slices of cucumber and place them over your eyes for about 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and repeat twice a week. And you will see how the dark circles are easily removed.

girls using cucumbers in their eyes

Coconut oil

Coconut oil will help moisturize the skin and reduce dark circles around your eyes.

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Potatoes are one of the remedies for the most effective dark circles. Place them in the refrigerator for 1 hour, then spray them. The water that comes out of them is the one that you are going to apply in the eye bags with a cotton ball; Rinse the next day with warm water.

girl using potatoes in the eyes

Aloe vera

You can use an aloe vera cream or extract the aloe directly from the plant. Apply it in your eyes giving circular massages, leave it at night to act and in the morning wash with warm water.

aloe vera plant

The milk

The proteins in milk are excellent anti-clogs. Grab cold milk and dip a cotton ball and place it on your eyelids under your eyes. Let it work until the milk is lukewarm and repeat the process every six hours.

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Natural infusions

If you want to know how to eliminate dark circles easily then your best allies will be green tea, peppermint and chamomile. Prepare the tea as usual, in a cup of hot water, then let it cool and apply it with a cotton ball over your eyes. If you want you can let it cool in the fridge a little more and apply it at night.

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Introduce two spoons to the fridge to cool for 1 hour, remove them and place them in your eyes until you feel them warm. This reduces swelling as it increases blood circulation.

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Almonds oil

Place a few drops of oil in the circles under the eyes and give some small touches for a better effect; Wait for the nutrients to be absorbed and you will see their effect.

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The coffee

Prepare a cup of coffee (without sugar) and let it cool. Use two cottons to absorb a little of the coffee liquid and place them on your eyelids for 10 min.

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Baking for any problem

Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with warm water. Wet 2 cotton specks and place them on the eyelids for 10 min. Repeat 3 times per week.

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Cold compresses

Dip a towel in cold water or cold milk; and apply the compress on the eyelids for about ten minutes. Repeat 2 or 3 times per week.

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Mix turmeric in 100 milliliters of natural pineapple juice, until a thick mixture is obtained. Apply on the eyelids for 10 min and clean with a clean cloth.

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Water of roses

Dip two cotton balls in rose water and place them on the eyelids for 10 to 12 min. You can do it daily and if you want in rose water chill it in the fridge.

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Decongestant cream

Make a cream by placing 50 gr of lanolin in a water bath; once it is melted add 25 gr of wheat germ oil, mix well and store in an airtight container. Once cold you can apply it in your circles giving circular massages.

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An effective remedy is to put a wet mask in the freezer and in the morning, hold it and cover the eyes for 5 min and you will see the results.

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